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In this blog, we will cover the Sacraments, the devotions, the Mass, Sacred Music, Sacred Art and some important teachings of the Catholic Church.  If I can’t explain something, I will find what a saint has written about a certain subject and let the saint or Pope explain to you and to me at the same time. 

I want to help do the Re-Evangelization the Pope has called for and to reach the people; we need to go where the people are and that is on the internet.  Some will have negative re-actions to things I post; which are fine but I will not budge on those issues. 

I’ve become very strict and trying to stay that way; even with all the attacks from the evil one.  I want to be strict in the faith and not budge on any teaching of the Church.  I love Latin and Gregorian Chant and the Latin Mass and the English Mass if celebrated and prayed reverently and the music is Sacred.

Welcome to Faith In Christ and enjoy and please share whatever you like.

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