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The Catholics who have gone before us who might need our prayers; because we do not know who is in Purgatory, Heaven or Hell.  If they are in hell; then our prayers will be used on someone else; because God never wastes our prayers and if they are in Heaven; God willing; then they have made it and we can ask them to intercede for us.  If they are in Purgatory; they need our prayers.

1. Roger Maris; a professional baseball player and a Roman Catholic and devoute husband and father. Roger Maris and the summer of 61

2. George Herman Ruth; a professional baseball player and a Roman Catholic and member of the Knights of Columbus. 

3. Walter Johnson; a professional baseball player and coach and a Roman Catholic; who was humble and a very wonderful man.  He was a pitcher that threw sidearm and some have said his fastball was 113 mph.  He was buried at Union Cemetery at St. Mary’s Church.  He was also born in Kansas and lived in Kansas for a while; in the south west part; where my mom grew up and was born too. 

I really like Walter Johnson, because my doctor told me to throw sidearm and so I looking for tips how and found Walter’s old clips on youtube and learned he was buried in St. Mary’s church and I was baptized in St. Mary’s church in Kansas. 

The Popes who are Blesseds

1. Victor III

2. Urban II

3. Benedict XI

4. Urban V

5.  John XXIII

6. Pope John Paul II 

Please Pray for the souls in Purgatory too; the Church approved prayers.

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