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BENEDICT XVI ANGELUS St. Peter’s Square Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 17, 2012

St. Peter’s Square
Sunday, January 15, 2012
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Dear brothers and sisters!
The Bible readings for this Sunday – the second Sunday in Ordinary Time – shows the theme of vocation in the Gospel is the call of the first disciples of Jesus in the first reading is the call of the prophet Samuel. In both stories highlight the importance of the person who plays the role of mediator, helping people called to recognize God’s voice and follow it. In the case of Samuel, it is Eli, a priest of the temple of Shiloh, where the ancient Ark of the Covenant was kept before being transported to Jerusalem. One night Samuel, who was still a boy and lived as a child in the service of the temple, three times in a row was heard calling in his sleep and went to Eli. But he was not calling him. The third time Eli knew, and said to Samuel: If you call again, you answer: “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening” ( 1 Samuel 3.9). So it was, and from then on Samuel learned to recognize the words of God and became his faithful prophet. In the case of the disciples of Jesus, the mediating figure is that of John the Baptist. In fact, John had a wide circle of disciples, and among them there were also two pairs of brothers Simon and Andrew, James and John, fishermen of Galilee. Just two of these the Baptist pointed to Jesus, the day after his baptism in the Jordan River. He pointed to them saying: “Behold the Lamb of God” ( Jn 1.36), which was tantamount to saying, Behold the Messiah. And those two followed Jesus, remained a long time with him and were convinced that it was really the Christ. Immediately they told others, and so was formed the first nucleus of what would become the college of apostles.
In light of these two texts, I would like to emphasize the critical role of spiritual guide in the journey of faith and, in particular, in response to the vocation of special consecration to the service of God and his people. Even the Christian faith itself, in itself, presupposes the proclamation and witness: in fact it consists in adhering to the good news that Jesus of Nazareth died and risen, so too is God’s call to follow Jesus more closely, giving up to form their own family to dedicate themselves to the great family of the Church, normally passes through the testimony and the proposal for a “big brother”, usually a priest. This without forgetting the fundamental role of parents, who by their genuine faith and their love and happy marriage to show children that is beautiful and you can build a lifetime love of God
Dear friends, let us pray to the Virgin Mary for all educators, parents and especially the priests, because they have full awareness of the importance of their spiritual role, to encourage in young people, in addition to human growth, the answer to the call of God to say: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”
After the Angelus:
Dear brothers and sisters,
Today we celebrate the World Day of Migrants and Refugees. Millions of people are involved in the phenomenon of migration, but they are not numbers! They are men and women, children, young and old looking for a place to live in peace.
In my Message for this Day of Migrants and Refugees I called attention to the theme “Migration and the new evangelization,” stressing that migrants are not only recipients but also protagonists of proclaiming the Gospel in the contemporary world. In this context I am pleased to extend a cordial greeting to the representatives of migrant communities in Rome, present today in St. Peter’s Square. Welcome!
Then I would like to remember that 18-25 of this month of January will take place the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. I invite everyone to personal and community level, to join spiritually and, where possible, practically, to ask God for the gift of full unity among the disciples of Christ.
En cette Journée du migrant et du refuge, the thème de cette année ” Migrations et nouvelle Evangelisation “nous invite, Pèlerins chers francophones, à des etre de la Bonne Nouvelle porteurs infatigables auprès de nos Frères et sœurs Réfugiés et migrants. Soyons des Témoins Authentiques of the Gospel concrètement vivant en la Solidarité et la Charité chretienne, non seulement par la aussi par des actes prière corn. Mercredi commencera the Semaine de l’Unité des chrétiens prière pour. Prions pour la de cette unité et réalisation ” laissons transformer-nous par la Victoire de Notre Seigneur Jésus Christ . ” Marie que nous accompanies sur le chemin vers la pleine communion! Avec Benediction but Apostolique!
I offer a warm welcome to the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present at this Angelus prayer. This Sunday we hear in the Gospel of John how the first Apostles responded to Jesus’ invitation to follow HIM. This response is a total giving of oneself through Demonstrated Which is the change of Simon’s name to Peter. May we strive to Remain Open To The Lord’s will for our lives. I wish all of you a good Sunday. May God bless you!
Herzlich Willkommen sage ich und allen Brüdern Schwestern deutscher Sprache. Unser nicht auf einer Christsein gründet trockenen oder einer Theorie überholten Tradition. Christsein heißt Begegnung mit Jesus Christus, der mich und der lebt ruft. “Meister wohnst wo du?” Evangelium im fragen day ersten Jünger, Herr und der sie ein lädt: “kommt und Seht.” Auch diese Einladung gilts us, hier und heute. Je mehr wir uns nähern Christus, um werden wir von seiner know starker Liebe und Leben seinem erfüllt. Diese und wir wollen Herrn Begeisterung im an unsere Mitmenschen weitergeben. Er ist es, unser Leben der froh macht und hell. Einen ich euch allen Wünsche gesegneten Sonntag.
Salud de los Peregrinos cordially lengua española en esta presentes oración Marian profesores y en los Particular Alumnos the Instituto de Villafranca de los Barros, Spain. En este domingo segundo tiempo of the ordinary, and the Gospel Disciples nos habla de los primeros. También en las palabras de nosotros deben reson Juan el Bautista: “Este es el Cordero de Dios”, invitándonos to follow in Jesus, to live with El in sentirnos of mensaje por interpelados de Salvacion. Os exhorto to estar siempre la voz del Señor disponibles, ACOG on voluntad en Nuestras vidas y como nuestro confesar Redeemer. Que Dios os Bendigo.
Serdeczne pozdrowienie kieruję do wszystkich Polakow. Dzisiaj w Światowy Dziena the migrants Uchodźcy szczególny sposób pamiętamy w or w modlitwie przebywających na obczyźnie. Przedmiotem naszej refleksji knows “in Nowa Migracje ewangelizacja”. Niece pomoże nam ona lepiej zrozumieć potrzeby migrantów the uchodźców to szczególnie ich pragnienie spotkania z Bogiem. Wam wszystkim to zwłaszcza Polakom żyjącym poza granicami ojczyzny, z serca błogosławię.
[A warm greeting goes to all Poles. Today, the “World Day of Migrants and Refugees”, in particular remember in prayer all those who live in a foreign land. The object of our reflection is “Migration and the new evangelization.” May it help us to better understand the needs of migrants and refugees, and especially their desire to meet God bless you all heart and especially the Polish people living outside the country.]
And finally, I greet with affection the Italian-speaking pilgrims, especially the guys in the catechism of signs, accompanied by the pastor and educators, and young people of Le Castella – Isola Capo Rizzuto, who on Sunday received the Sacrament of Confirmation. I wish you all a good Sunday, a good week. Thank you for your attention. Happy Sunday!.

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