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On the Passion of Jesus

November 15, 2011

His Agony in the Garden

In the garden where Our Lord and God prayed and His sweat became like blood and the Apostles fell asleep; when they were to keep watch and pray.

In this agony, He started to feel the weight of our sins to this present day and of the Apostles not listening to Him again; by this time, sleeping and not praying.  How many times do we not listen to Jesus; but, He always forgives us and gives us another chance?  Many, uncountable.

Yes, we should feel sorrow for our sins we have committed; I am not sure if this was the sorrow the Father allowed the Son; Jesus; to feel in the garden that night.  If it is, then we enter into the sorrow which came over our God; we should feel comforted but, not careless but, we should always have a horror of sin and try always to keep from sinning.

We are weak human beings, because we have a fallen nature from the sin of Adam and Eve; orginial sin.  Jesus had and has a perfect nature; He is perfect from birth.  Why?  He is God and Man.  He could be tempted like us; everything like us; except He could not sin. 

Jesus was even tempted as if God the Father had abandoned Him in the garden and might of been tempted with doubts; but the Holy Angels came to help Him; in some pictures and movies I have seen or the clouds opened up to show the Heavens and then He is strengthened.

Also, in the garden, Judas betrayed Him with a kiss and was arrested.  How many times have we betrayed Our Lord and when we have entered into a period of great sorrow; as if to join Him in the garden?

Many of times we have betrayed Him; when we do not accept this great cross of sorrow and we run and find something earthly and short lived to take the sorrow away.

There are three main types of sorrow we enter and all three are crosses from God.  1. Sorrow for sin; where we have great sorrow for the wrong we have done against God and the desire to run to Him in Confession.  2. Sorrow of thinking God has abandoned us; the dark night St. John of the Cross talks about.  3. When a friend or loved one dies or makes it hard to talk with them and they seem far from you and you pray for their softening of their heart.

I would like to talk on the second sorrow more; because this is what St. John of the Cross writes so beautifully on in the Dark Night of the Soul.

Where the soul thinks God has abandoned it and the person; but, truly, it enters into different stages of purification; which St. John of the Cross calls “nights” and in these “nights’ are granted by God and in each night or stage; the soul and also the person removes such attachments that holds itself back from entering into a perfect and Divine Union with God; which we see in the lives of the saints.

It depends on how long it takes to enter into this un-breakable relationship and love affair with God.  It could be a short time or long time and what God has planned for this person and how long it may take to remove the attachments that are taking God’s place.

With the third and final suffering; that we share with Our Lord; is when a friend and loved one dies. We share in the moment when Jesus finds out His friend Lazarus dies and when He goes to see the family and to raise him from the dead; He is weeping like us.

With these sufferings and plus the other sufferings of when we hurt, ill or loosing friends very close and dear to us; we can be comforted by the fact that Jesus who is God, became Man and that He went through what we are going through.  Amen.

His trial of the high priests



When they arrested Him; Peter drew one of the swords and cut off the servant of the high priest’s ear off and Jesus told Peter to put the sword away and, “whoever lives by the sword; shall die by the sword.”  Jesus heald the servant and the Apostles ran; but John went to Jesus’ mother and brought the women to the trails, scourging, The Way of the Cross and Crucifixion.  Peter ran away and went to the court yard to warm himself; but in the process, he denied the Lord as Jesus predicted at the first Mass.

In the trial by the high priests; they asked Jesus if He was the Christ; The Son of the Living God; He answered truthfully.  They also brought forth false witnesses and then asked again and with His final answer; they ripped or torn their garments as a sign of blasphemy and sentenced Him to death.


At the Trial oat Pilate’s house and court yard:


The high priests needed Pilate’s permission and written order to put Jesus to death.  Pilate took Jesus inside and treated Him better than the guards of the high priests did.  Then Jesus talked about why He came, about witnessing to the truth and Pilate gave his Gnostic question, “what is truth?”

Truth was standing infront of Pilate speaking to him.

How many times are we put on trial for our faith or some other reason?  How many times do we either deny our faith; so the Protestants who hound us and harrass us or some other group does this?Also, how many times are we put on trial; because of our looks, how smart we are and then get made fun of?  I would say on both questions are many times.

Then Our Lord was sent to the pillar to be scouraged by whips, canes and other instruments.  After this was done; they made a crown of thorns and put it on Him, put on a purple cloak and put a reed in His hand and the guards falsely worshiped Him and mocked Him and spat on Him and hit Him. 

Then Pilate looked in horror I would imagine and then said, “Ecce Homo” “Behold the Man”.  If he didn’t give the order to crucify Jesus, I would imagine the mob there that yelled crucify him and release Barabas; would of started an uprising and Pilate being the coward Politican he is; gave the order for Jesus’ death.

He called for the cross for Jesus and Jesus knelt down and accepted the cross lovingly; because He knew that this had to happen for each one of us personally.

How many times do we get scourged by false opinions and rude remarks?  It could happen any day; at school, at work, wherever.  Then, there are people around the world being scourged physically like Jesus and some of them are Christians and some are of other faiths.


The Way of the Cross


In the Way of the Cross; Jesus was making His way slowly and still the soldiers kept beating Him on the way.  He meets His mother; which gives peace and comfort to Him; as it does for us when we are sick or hurt; physically, emotionally and so on.  He continues for a while; then preaches to the women of Jerusalem and not weep for Him; but for their own children and how their wombs will be barren.  Then the prayers of Mary; Blessed Cardinal Newman says; she brough Simon of Cyrene to carry her Son’s cross for Him. 

“May Our Blessed Mother call us to carry her Son’s cross and accept all the pains and sufferings that will come from carrying the Cross of Christ.  Amen.”  Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman in his Stations of the Cross

Then the holy woman Veroncia wipes the face of Jesus and gives him drink on the way.

He and Simon finally reach the top of that narrow and steep hill of Calvary.  Simon goes back for his kids and stuff he left to carry the cross.  Jesus is first fastened to the cross by the nails in His hands.  Then they; the Romans; put a foot holder for each of His feet and nailed each one to the foot holder.  Then the sign Pilate wrote out on the top the cross.  This is how St. Robert Bellarmine saw it in an old and early editions of the Gospels and it had pictures of Jesus on the Cross.

Then the cross and Jesus was raised up; a theif on the left and right and He in the middle. 

For three hours Jesus is on the Cross; as St. Robert Bellarmine puts it; “preaching His final sermon from the High Pulpit of the Cross.  Of Mercy and Forgiveness to those who are doing this to Him.”

Then the words, “I thirst” come and sure in His human nature; He is thirsty; but truly as God; He is thirsty for our souls; this is what Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta points out to us.  On the Cross; He is dying for us; because He wants our souls; He wants us to be in Heaven with Him and He doesn’t want people to go to Hell; but He knows by the people’s own free choice; they condemn theirselves to Hell and God allows it; because the people have freely chosen this. 

How much more, should we be more watchful and more time in prayer; preparing ourselves for that day we do not know of or that mystery hour God will call us to eternity?  Read Scripture, Read the works by the Saints; read the works by the Doctors of the Church; the Rule of St. Benedict, Rule of St. Basil, Rule of St. Augustine and the Rule of St. Albert.  Learn how to prepare yourself well for the time we do not know when it will be.


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