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On Being Christians

November 11, 2011

My dear friends in Christ,

Let me ask these questions and then let us answer them.

1. Why are we Christians?

2. Why are we members of Christ’s Church?

3. What does it mean to be a Catholic?

1. We are Christians; yes, because we were either born into it and baptized; or others are converted into the faith.  Most of all; we are followers of the Crucified Lord.

To be a Christian means to be different from the world.  Secular and government people would not like this; sure we have a worldly citizenship; because this is not our homeland.  We are on pligrimmage and trying to return home; which is Heaven.  As Christians, we must grow in faith and this means delevoping our spiritual life; spending more time in prayer.

We are Christians; because God has given us faith to follow Him who was crucified for each one of us personally. 

To be Christians, means to set ourself apart from those who are secular.  A Christian cannot be secular and a Christian.  You either serve God or the world; not both.

Each one of us has a calling and that means we do not get a job right away, but, we must always pray and ask God what He wants us to do.

Then, each one of is given a vocation and with your vocation; you have prep work to prepare you for this vocation God is calling you to.

My vocation is to be a priest and that means my prep work is to grow in the spiritual life; to grow in prayer and grow in a personal relationship with God Himself.  Also to learn what the Church has taught and is teaching.  A priest must be a man of God and a man of prayer.  The man should spend as much time as he can learning Christian prayer; devotions; but also Contemplative prayer taught by Sts. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross.  Weekly or sooner times for Confession, go to Mass Sunday, Holy Days and if you can; week days; if not; watch it on EWTN.  Learn how to celebrate the Mass in both forms: Normal and Extraordinary Form.  Practice or say Mass reguarly; so you learn what to do.  A good sign for your vocation; is that you are already doing practice Masses at home.

Each one’s vocation has certain prep work that contains prayer; but, maybe not the amount of prayer for a man becoming a priest.  Each vocation is different and every Christian must respect it and not force someone to do something they aren’t called to do; it could hinder their own vocation growth or even kill it.

A Christian is to be a person of prayer; to have a strong spiritual life and to grow closer in relationship to and with God.

A Christian must have a firm spiritual life; where their trust is firm in God; and they are at peace and nothing of the world should stress them out or make them worry or be afraid.

Our relationship with our Crucified God should be part of our life; means, having a relationship with our Eucharistic God; in Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.  The Eucharist must be the center of our own life and the family life.  this is highly important to and for a Christian family.

2. We are members of Christ’s Church; with the same answer of being Christians: we are born into the faith and baptized or people are given the grace and gift of faith to be converted, study and then be baptized into the faith.  His Church is called Catholic and it means Universal.

3. So, what does it mean to be a Catholic Christian?

It means we truly are set apart from the world.  We live in the world but in no way do we become part of the world.  We do not become worldly, but, we are in the world to bring Christ and His Church to the people and show them there is another and better way to live.

We are to be fresh salt, fresh leaven and light for the world; and show them what it means to be a Catholic in the world but not of the world.

A Catholic is someone who has to obey but love the Church and love, obey, and be loyal to the Vicar of Christ; the Pope.  Who is the Sucessor to St. Peter.  The Vicar of Christ is the earthly representative of Jesus Christ Himself.

To be Catholic means to love the Sacred Traditions, Sacred Beauty, Sacred History of the Church.  We must never loose the traditions, beauty and history of the Church.

Finally, we must love Scripture; because Scripture is Catholic and it was put together and translated many times by St. Jerome.  Read it with great reverence; because it is the Word of God.


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