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What I Am Feeling After Reading A Few Pages of St. Teresa of Avila’s book

November 9, 2011

In her book Way of Perfection, in one chapter she speaks of water and the elements of it and somethings water can be used to put out a fire and other times it makes the fire burn hotter.  She says this is the case of the fire that comes from God and the tears from Heaven only makes it burn hotter. 

A fire that makes us burn deeply to be deeply in love with God and with these tears; she said they can freeze worldly affections and in my heart right now when I keep thinking back over those texts; my heart has a pain but also feels like it could explode.

I know it can’t be the amount of food I’ve eaten; because for a few days now I have eaten less and drank more tea and the old fashioned rootbeer to help with my stomach.  Anyway, it was as if I was reading her autobiography again but this touched me more than when her autobiography did and when she said, “we are to have control over everything on earth; how fire and water was controled by St. Martin and how the birds and fishes obeyed the preaching of St. Francis and many other saints.” 

I don’t care to look at certain worldly things anymore on certain newsfeeds and so I unsubcribe them so I do not have to look at them; just the sight alone I can’t stand; as if they were things that held me back in the past from running toward God and that I have no need to look at those things.  I do not know how many Catholics can either be so worldly and not wrap themselves in things of God or books by St. Teresa of Avila to help you to be nearer to God and help set your heart a fire for Him whom we are to love above all things and to keep from idleness, vain speech, vainess of any kind and spend our time with Him or telling people of Him; either by action or by word. 

Then, I also can’t understand why so many Catholics feel necessary to add to what is full truth and this religion is true; because the Truth founded it and He can’t tell a lie nor be deceived and He is Jesus Christ.  Why would they want to add things from false religions into something that is already True and Perfect; because God created it and founded it?

O good Jesus, help us who are Catholic to remain as we should and only add to become perfect as You are and become saints and not add anything that isn’t part of what You have founded and put into Your Church.  Amen.

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