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What Should Happen If a Diocese or Parish Stops Listening to the Pope?

October 14, 2011

My dear Christians,

In our Baptism Vows we say we are to be faithful to the Pope and the bishops who are in Full Communion with him.  If the parish that has the Vatican flag saying they are Catholic and loyal to the Pope or if they have a picture of him saying the same thing; but then they stop listening to him on faith and morals; like on what to do with the Liturgy and Sacred Music for the Liturgy or other things of faith and morals; what should be done?

If what the Diocese recommends is theologically un-correct and some what Protestant sounding or improper for the use at the Liturgy and not listen to what the Pope has stated on what should be used and not used over the years from 590 A.D. from Pope St. Gregory the Great, to Pope St. Pius X in 1903, up to our present Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in 2011; then that church should have the Vatican flag removed or his picture removed because of diobedience and un-loyalty to him as the Vicar of Christ.

They should no longer be able to use the name Catholic in anything until they make a full repentance of their diobedience and unloyalty to the Pope and become obedient to his words that are error free and be loyal to him as his spiritual sons and daughters and be faithful sons and daughters to the Church once again. 

This is what should happen if the parishes or dioceses are disobedient to the Pope and un loyal to him.  Which only the Pope can send someone to do this; if this needs to be done. 

God bless

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