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How Are We To Love One Another?

October 6, 2011

This new Commandment Jesus gave us, “you are to love another as I have loved you.”  Today we have the wrong ideas of loving one another and most of the time it is thoughts about sexual love; if a guy is thinking how am I to love this girl or sometimes it is the girl thinking this. 


What does Jesus ask of us?

To love one another as He has loved us.  How did He show His love for us?  On the Cross.  “No greater love than this, but to lay down your life for your friends.”

Only in Holy Marriage between one man and one woman do they give each other themselves in sexual union; but the rest of the time each one of them are to love as Jesus loved His bride the Church; by willing to lay His life down for His bride.  At the death on the Cross and when His side was opened up with that lance; that is the moment the two became one; because His side was opened like the first Adam in the garden and there the woman came from his rib and they became one flesh and  His union with Her was then.


The Church is mother and Mary the mother of Christ is Queen of the Church; just like the queens of the Old Testatment; it wasn’t the wives who became queen; but the mother of the King.  Church is the bride of Christ and yet we are the mystical body of Christ; we are his hands, fingers; everything that makes up a body.  So by His death and opening of His side; the two were joined in Union of Marriage.


Loving one another has nothing to do with emotions or chemistry; sure there maybe some emotions comes with it; but that is not all that love is.  Loving one another is how Jesus taught us how to love.  Which is Agape and Philia: Divine Love that comes from God alone and brotherly love; loving each other as friends and as brother and sister; but the second type of love Jesus is talking about; is loving that person enough to go through what Jesus did for the love of us.  By going through that horrible torement, horrible walk of death and then the death itself on the Cross.


Christian Love points to the Cross for each and every one of us who is Christian.  We have to take up the cross and follow Him daily and most of the time it is His Cross that we are carrying to our own Golgtha or Place of the Skulls. 


This right here is true love at it’s finest; following in Jesus’ footsteps as He told us to do.

God bless


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