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On Sacred Music and How it should be used properly

September 22, 2011

Sacred Music is music that was written by the saints; but the music and words came either from the Heavenly Angels or Our Blessed Mother or Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

When we use these Sacred pieces of music, they are very old and still the music the Church wants to have used and kept in it’s pride of place; over all other types of music used for Mass.  Gregorian Chant, was the work of St. Pope Gregory the I or Pope St. Gregory the Great. 

If we use these pieces for concert use and music teachers that have no sense of Church History or don’t care; they will change the wording to make it watered-down or that word I really dis-like; correct in wording; Politically correct. 

1. First, this music is to be sung how the saints wrote it

2. Second, how the music is written for the words; that music must be used only!

3.  It must be used with great reverence and used very carefully; nothing must be changed!

4. It is not made for concert music; it is used as prayer to raise the hearts and souls of the people at Mass up to Heaven and give then a taste of Heaven.  By singing it solo; it takes away of how the saints wanted it to be used.

5. If you are going to write music like this, it must fit under these guidelines of this document: Tra le Sollecitudini
Instruction on Sacred Music
Pope Pius X
Motu Proprio promulgated on November 22, 1903

Some pieces like that of Bach or Motzart can be used at concerts; but Gregorian Chant is not made for it; it’s not to be used by one person but by at least three people using their own voice.  This music, the Gregorian Chant I think should be left for the Masses and other Liturgies; unless the choir Master knows how to make it work and keep it how it should be. 

God bless.

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