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My Dear Friends My Calling to the Priesthood is true

September 18, 2011

Today before Mass, a friend and classmate came in with his girl friend and looked her family, then his brother, his wife and kids and their in-laws; followed by his mom and dad.  I felt that feeling of never having my own physical children.

Then I heard the words of God to Abraham, “You see these stars, I shall give you this amount of children”  When you are a priest, you are a spiritual father for a billion people; including your own parish or the kids and people who come to visit you at the monastery.

What a great series of events in my vocation of being called in different ways back to my actual vocation I received when I was six or seven.  I was six or seven years old and pretending to celebrate Mass and I did it with reverence and perfectly; because our parish priest was stunned that I remembered every word and movement of the priest.  Then God spoke through him and saying, “would you like to be a priest?”  I was little and I gave the honest answer of a little child; “I don’t know.”  After my first year of college, I wanted to get back to my faith and like all good moms do; they offer you a book and tell you to read it and I read it cover to cover in maybe one night or two non-stop and I re-heard the call to the priesthood and I emailed the bishop the next day in 2008 I think it was and then in March or May of 2009 I went with my mom into town for some supplies and we stopped to get the mail; our diocese register was in and I looked at the front page and it said, “The Salina Diocese welcomes 4 young men from out of state to the seminary.  18 and 19 year old guys, one had one year of college and the other guys had none.”  I was heart broken and discouraged.

After that the diocese stopped talking to me and stopped leading me.  Then today in 2011 I heard the most wonderful words of all from God.  ‘I will give you children that you can’t even imagine nor count.” 

I am re-on fire in my vocation and thanks be to God for it.  Please Pray for me

God bless

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