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For Parents Today; Especially Catholic Parents

September 12, 2011

I shared some not good news last night from Rome on the children in the world.  How they maybe healthier but also wealthier but not better; the serious problems of the kids are facing today.

I have just watched the encore of The World Over Live on EWTN and the first half was just scary.  That the kids today believe the government can take care of any issues or problems we face.  These kids may even believe that government agents may come and enforce whatever anti-over weight law by taking away their candy bars or whatever else.  There are also commissions in the United Nations working on how to control the parenting of the children.

The International Planned Parenthood people have identified that children are sexual beings and promoting all that garbage on how to understand those sexual organs and all the other trash they are now promoting.  The reason for all the male pursues and male kapres; those short pants cut off at the knees like those women wear; because this society has lossed it’s idenity. 

This society promotes: a sexualized, makes evil glamorous, promotes death and even the change; if a man wants to become a woman or a woman a man; they promote it and accept it. 

God bless our Founding Fathers; especially Ben Franklin and I qoute, “this nation is for the virtuous people.  Without God in this nation; this nation shall fail.” 

This nation is not for the Godless people or created to be a Godless nation; this nation is founded by God and under God; this nation needs religion to make this nation a success and to allow it to keep living and not kill it by these people who want to remove God from the world. 

This nation was not made for fake believers to do what they want and use God whenever they think it is right.  This nation was founded to be a religious nation who believed in One God and who created all things and who gave us our rights as human beings.  The government can’t fix everything and they can’t give you rights or take your rights away; last I checked; they were not God.

This nation was to be a safe area for those who sought freedom from religious persecution to practice their religion freely; as long as they followed the laws of the land.  This nation was not built to harbor un-godilness; if our Founding Fathers was around and saw what was going on; these places and people who were doing such evils and hurting the family and the religious freedom of this nation; they would be thrown out of this country and banned.

You who are Christian Parents: must up-hold the Christian values and virtues; the same virtues the built this nation.  That means Christian Parents receive their old school Christian Parenting Backbone and start using it. 

Promote vocations in the homes; be welcoming to the vocations to the religious life and priesthood.  Always be happy for them and help your kids who have that vocation; by changing how you live and live a more prayerful life, more virtous life style. 

Kids today watch 6 to 7 hours of tv per day and add the other times of using the gagets; that is most of the day they are watching tv or on their cell phones or i-pods.  Parents you must become tough sensors in the home and wherever you go.

If you go out to eat and they have the tv on and the show isn’t good for you, your husband and kids; go to the manager and request him or her to turn it off or turn off that station they are listening to.  Be a sensor to what games they play, what shows they watch, what movies they see, music they listen to, magazines and books they read, who they hang out with. 

Here is where kids and coaches will not like me and some parents too: Your kids do not have to be the star of the football, track, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey or whatever team sport.  If their sport gets in the way of their religious duties as Catholic Christians; then they need to stop and worry about their souls more than their sports.  Make sure you have your kid home for family meals every night and family prayer.

In the home, have a bible and catechism study night; few nights a week with the family.  This is highly important and prayer night with this too.  I suggest the big green Catechism by the Vatican.  If you do homeschooling; that is wonderful.  If you do public or Catholic schooling; be a sensor there; to make sure what your kid is learning is ok and not something that would drive him or her away from the family or from their faith.

If work gets in the way of your faith; then ask for new working hours; so it doesn’t hinder your faith.  If there is a job that is better for you and the family and works with your faith; then good.  Make sure you are living the faith, practicing your faith and learning the faith with your family.  Be counter-cultural; go against the ways of the culture. 

God bless


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  1. September 13, 2011 3:24 am

    This is an amazing post!! It’s so true about today’s kids..Sadly even my own (I have to admit) are getting out of hand on things..We as parents have to start putting our foot down..We have to be PARENTS & not friends..I’ve learned that the hard way..

    I like your suggestion about the bible study..I may do this in my own family..The evil one is rearing his ugly head trying to devourer our children..We need to put an end to this..Even if it means going out of our comfort zone..

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