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The Spiritual Road: The Life We Want To Follow

September 5, 2011

In the first part I talked on the two roads; starting with the one that leads to Hell and then the one leading to Heaven using the Deadly Sins and Virtues on how to arrive or be on the road to Heaven.

Let us dive deeper into this shall we.  Let us ask ourself a question?  How are we to live?  Are we to live seeking treasures, pleasure and glory on earth that only last for a short time or are we to imitate the life of the saints; which is imitating the Life of Christ?

As Catholic Christians, what way of life are we to follow and that we freely want to follow?  This is where the roads that lead to different parts of eternal life become tricky for some.  There are those who are always looking and wanting happiness, pleasure and glory right a way and they freely decide to get caught up in everything of the world.  They become fearful of what will come, they tend to drink and party more; because they are very un-secure with themselves and try to hide it by being people who think and chose the same life to imitate.

They tend to fall into despair more than those who fully trust in God.  They usually do not take their faith seriously or tend not to practice it at all; because it would seem un-popular to the people they hang around with. 

They are usually more secular on how to deal with issues of the world; rather than saying “Pray to Jesus and ask Him to give us help on this issue or situation.”  They go and say, “you would need more than that.” 


What is the life style Catholics should want to imitate?


Should a Catholic follow the life of St. Francis? St. Dominic? All the saints?  Yes of course they should in some way.  Even the poverty should be a practice of a Catholic; try to imitate their life in a family setting if you are called to family and marriage life.  Even if you are a parish priest; try and live that way of life; to help make saints in your parish and always pray for them.

To go on the narrow road and go through the narrow gate; means we must reach a certain union with God; where we give up the life of a pagan and ask God to help us stay on the road to converting our sinful life to a life of holiness.  Practice the virtues and conquer your sins and vices with the virtues; go to Confession frequently and make holy hours each day in front of the Blessed Sacrament either exposed or left in the tabernacle.

To imitate these great saints; one must go to the source of their converting to holiness and that is Christ Himself in the Holy Eucharist and through His Blessed Mother Mary.  The one must take up his or her cross and follow in the foot steps of the Crucified Lord; because this is how He taught us to grow closer to Him.

Do you see how bent over Our Lord was when He carried His cross?  We too are to be bent over; why? So we can fit through the narrow gate.  To enter into the Kingdom of God through the narrow gate; one must enter into His heart; which is the narrow gate.  We must know Him so well that we can “have a love affair with God.”  What does that mean, “love affair with God?”

It means we love God as He loves us.  We have the love of Him as the Early Christian Martyrs have and the Martyrs of today.  We are to love Him so much that we would not have enough love for anyone else.  That means the attachments holding us back; we must get rid of them but not all at once; because if you try to stop them quickly; the more quicker they return.  Plus, you need to ask God to give you the grace and strength to help remove each attachment and vice from your life and to help keep it away so you can love God how we are to love Him.

How are we to love God? Unconditional love; meaning we do not wait or pause before we love Him; we just do it constantly or un-ending love for Him; as He loves us the same way personally.

This is how the saints loved Him and still are loving Him at the foot of His throne in Heaven for all eternity; just how we will be; God-willing if we make it to Heaven and not hell. 

God bless.

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