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The Priest

September 4, 2011

If a priest knew what his vocation truly is and was; he would die not out of fear but of love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

The priest must be a servant and serve the people what is best for their souls and not to please their earthly desires and pleasures and passions.  He is acting in the Person of Christ and should celebrate the Holy Mass slowly and with great reverence, ah and fear of the Lord; because the Mass is a representation of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ on Calvary Padre Pio tells us. 

The priest should imagine that he is carrying the cross in the Person of Christ and going up Mount Calvary.  The priest must be a doctor of souls and bring the souls entrusted to his care back to Heaven.

He should love celebrating the Sacraments.  When he preaches his homily; he should teach the people True Christian Doctrine and open up the Scriptures how Jesus did to the disciples on the road where they did not know it was Him.  Why should the priest do this?  This may be the only time they will learn the faith.

A priest must not be himself anymore; a man who has a calling to become a priest must be ready to forget his earthly desires of the world to have the Heavenly desires on our hearts and allow Christ to possess our hearts and our very life; so that our words and actions are not ours but that of Christ and the priests and all men who have the priestly calling may be able to say with St. Paul, “It is not I who live; but Christ who lives in me.”

The very breath of the priest and the man with a priestly calling must become the very breath of Christ and the heart of these men must be transformed as St. John Vianney’s heart was transformed into the very heart of Christ; His Sacred Heart.

The priest must forget his pridefulness and become as humble as a spotless lamb as Jesus was; they are to imitate Jesus to the letter.  They should study the Church Fathers and Scripture to learn from those who lived this life perfectly after their conversion. 

Priests are to be living examples on how love by the Way of the Cross; by showing us how to live day by day carrying our crosses faithfully.  They should teach us by example on how to carry the cross joyfully through all sorts of pains and trials. 

I do believe this is what a priest must become and same for the men with a priestly calling.  How do they become like this?  Confession either every week or every day, every day making a Holy Hour for Eucharistic Adoration, staying close to Our Blessed Mother, staying close to the saints and of course staying near Our Lord and His Sacred Heart.  Begging Him and pleading Him to help them transform into His image to be another saintly priest; as St. Jean Marie Vianney did every day at every moment in prayer. 

 The priest should never get tired of hearing Confessions; he should be able to sit there for the people as however long it takes to get everyone to Confession and come out with a clean soul. Going to the sick and injured at home for their Confessions and taking them personally Our Lord’s Body in the Eucharist for them.  Going to the jails for the people and hearing their Confessions and celebrating Mass with them and teaching them the faith and teaching them how to pray. 

They must stay away from all things Occult; either the old style Occult stuff or the New Age Occult; both are dangerous and both will lead you away from Our Lord and His Church.  They must be totally faith to the Pope, the bishops and priests who are in full communion with the Pope and be totally faithful to God and His Church.


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  1. September 4, 2011 4:21 am

    I have been to Masses where the priest was done in record time..He talked so fast we couldn’t understand or keep up with him..

    I wished the priests today were like the priests of old..very faithful & stern..Maybe more people would stay Catholic, and listen to what they have to say..It’s sad to see the way some priests have become and that there is a lack of them..I will continue to pray & say the Rosary for all priests..

    Great writitng..I look forward to all of them..

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