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For Parents On Parenting

September 2, 2011

You may ask why I have a blog post for parents on parenting in a religious blog site?  Because it deals with the Old Testatment and what God told Moses to tell the Israelites and to us on parenting and the line from Scripture is very short but right to the point. 

Leviticus 19:29  “You shall not degrade your daughter by making a prostitute of her;u otherwise the land will prostitute itself and become full of lewdness.”

Why do I share this passage of Scripture with you?  Because too many parents have become un-watchful and have fallen asleep.  They allow their child; either boy or girl to become like a prostitute and have any relations they want sexually and they don’t keep watch to make sure they do not seduce someone who is in their 20s or older.

Some parents today allow their children to wear whatever they want and allow whatever flesh to be exposed to the public.  If your daughter makes it on a cheer leading squad and they are told to wear these shorts with writing on the behind area; what do you think it will cause?  Lust and what is lust?  Lust is a mortal sin and one of the seven deadly sins.

I have to say it; these parents who allow this; most of the time give their children birth control, take them to have abortions or give the son a condom so no girl gets pregnant.  If they do get pregnant; it is their own fault and their own responsibility and they don’t give no punishment for having sexual relations outside the Sacrament of Marriage.  The punishment should be on their son or daughter who made the baby; because the baby is totally innocent.

Wed. at the grocery store with my mom and this truly happened and this is why I am writing on it; a young girl in middle school in short skirt and tank top flirted; I was like, “are you kidding me?”  The mom was dressed up to turn heads too. 

It has gotten worse I think from when I was in college and this happened to me a first time and it nearly put me in jail; because of a young girl of the same age but lied saying she was 18 seducing me and all that stuff; it has to stop now!




1.  Be at the computer with your kids to make sure they are being truthful and that they are not seducing anyone of any age.

2.  Make sure what they are doing on the computer is ok for their age and be with them at all times.

3.  Listen in on the other line to their phone calls if they are using the home phone

4. Look in on the chats when they are using instant messaging on the home computer or laptop.

5.  Never give into them wanting immodest clothing; you set the rules and you have your job to get them back to Heaven pure and innocent.

6. No dating until they are ready to settle down and get married; dating is the first step before engagment; finding the person you are to marry.

7.  No Cell Phones or any other gagets until they are a Junior in high school or getting ready for college.

8.  Keep them from all things Occult and instruct them in the faith properly by using the big green Catechism of the Catholic Church issued by the Vatican and or the Catechism of the Council of Trent hard cover edition which Pope Benedict XVI recommends.

9.  Always be with them when they are around guy friends or if they are a guy; be around them always when they are hanging out with a girl they like or girls.

10.  No laptop until college but you parents put on all locks and blocks before the kids get to use it and block all nasty adult sex sites and occult sites.

11.  Drive them to and from school and make sure they are learning proper information at school and not what goes against what you and the Church are teaching them; if they are; pull them out and home school them.

12.  do not allow them to buy rap or pop or even country music that refers to sex, drinking, one night stands and occult stuff.  Buy them the classic composers of Bach, Motzart, Gregorian Chant. 

13.  Pray with them early in the morning and evening and night and have them pray during the day when they can at school.  Frequent use of Confession; weekly or every month.  All Sunday and Holy Day Masses if you are not greatly sick or greatly injured or some other good cause.

14. live the faith in and then help them to live the faith; let them see you live it faithfully and then they will think living the faith is cool and they will want to do that also.

Help them to become saints of the Church; that is your job by God when He gave you your children as a gift.  Just like the guys who received the money in the parable; the owner wanted them to double the value of what he gave them; you are given these kids; double the value and make them saints. 


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  1. September 2, 2011 5:19 pm

    This makes me feel so much better..My oldest was in a relationship with a boy she met on the internet..He has been trying to control her, and when we got involved and told him the relationship was over he called us names and said we weren’t good parents..

    Parents..Please watch what your children are doing, saying, wearing, etc..You never know what is going on..We have found out the hard way with this..Please pray for us and don’t give up your vigilance with your kids..

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