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For My Friends and Others As Well.

August 31, 2011

I know my friends and sometimes mules are easier to move than they are.  On the get together to learn the faith; some will not like it at first and others will.  Call this Theology on Tap at your apartment or house.

Instead of getting wasted on beer and booze; pop, gatorade, ice tea, water, juice.  Maybe some type of finger food too; free food and drink will get anyone’s attention and with being in Hays you have a Dillions grocery store and a super walmart with a grocery store as well. 

Set some rules too; no talking like a salior; no cuss words.  No going off into the bathroom to make-out or sexual relations.  Dress modestly so no one sins by lusting with the eyes.  Stuff like that. 

Set up a schedule that will work for all of you; between classes and work; if anyone is dating and living together with their boy friend or girl friend; try to get them to live not co-habitating; girls live with girls and guys live with guys; what’s the point of learning the faith if you don’t live it?

A hour should be a good time for classes; depending the subject could be a little bit longer and do not be afraid to discuss in class.  Try to cut back on the smoking and chewing tobacco too. 

If they have kids; bring them along; it’s good for the kids to learn the faith.  If someone has a laptop with a good battery or long cord to plug it in; pull up the Vatican website and study the documents on the website; especially Humane Vitate by Pope Paul VI on Human Life.

Study Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body; it’s online too in document form.

Instead of listening to Heavy Metal music; that might have demonic curses recorded into it; go to the Messenger Book Store and buy some Gregorian Chant cds, The Priests; they are three Irish priests who have two cds out.  Start to introduce beauty and culture into your life.  Make sure you go to all the Lenten stuff; Stations of the Cross, Confession, all the Masses.  You can pray together at your study group the Stations of the Cross and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Stay clear from rap music and music today that have sexual themes in it.  Stay clear from bad video games that are nothing but blood and guts and sexual content.

Also watch good religious movies and programs on EWTN at college or during your study group. 

Never stop praying for each other and pray for me and I pray for you.  Go to daily Mass if you can.


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