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Do You Want To Be Taught By The World or by People of God?

August 29, 2011

My dear people, from the time of St. Augustine of Hippo to now; nothing has changed on how we act and live in the world.  We become too attached to gagets of this world as they did in their own time back in the year of Our Lord 430 AD. 

We must make a very challenging choice for the future of our souls and the souls of your children; would you allow yourself and your children to be taught the things of un-godliness by following the ways of the culture or would you chose to save both your souls by learning from good faithful people of God?

In the Holy Gospel today; if you were paying attention to it being read aloud; what did Jesus tell His disciples?  “To deny themselves and pick up your cross and follow me.”  What is Jesus calling us to do?  To buy anything we do not need or buy stuff to compete with our neighbor in the expensive things of this world or is He telling us to be the lowest humble servant as St. Francis was a true example of? 

Buy within our means; which is what we need to live but not over comfortable; yes buy good holy books to help us grow in our Christian spiritual life; so we can grow nearer to God and come to know Him better.  Do not buy a new fancy car every year or every six months; or a new cell phone every year or six months; all those expensive gagets and new cars will get you no where fast.  Do not go out and stand in line for hours or days for the new Apple gaget; you do not need it; you want it because then you will fit in with the world; you are not to fit in; the world is to reject you and to reject me and all Catholics as Jesus told us in the Gospel of John in the Upper Room the night Jesus was taken away. 

We are to be rejected by the world and hated by the world; spit upon, cursed, beaten, thrown in jail and even death if we are called to it.  When I see Christian moms dressed in fashion clothes to look like everyone else in the world; I start to think: “why do you dress like that?  You are not of the world but a Christian mother who is to teach the virtues and the Christian faith to your children in word, action and example.  Why dress like everyone else in the world?”

Are we too worldly or have we become too worldly?  Yes, we have become too worldly in how we think, dress, act and shop and pray. 

To be a Christian and to pray as a Christian; means to pray on our knees in silence; as Jesus did and as the Martyrs did right before their death; that is the way of Christian prayer says Pope Benedict XVI in his book Jesus of Nazareth Volume II chapter 6.

To be a Christian today is to be counter-cultural; means we go against the world in how it believes, acts, works, reads, it’s music and art; everything; we must show them what it means to be a Christian in everything we do.

When you dress your children in fashion clothing; clothing that is not proper for Holy Mass; you are saying you are for the world.  I tell you now, it is your duty as Christian Parents to teach your children the fullness of the Catholic Faith and Morals; do not water it down and it is your job to get them back to Heaven. 

If you truly love your children; you will do this and get them into the highest part of Heaven.  Do not let the world teach you or your children how to live. 



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