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God, The Cross, and what the Secular World Calls Nothingness and Why Do they call it nothingness?

August 24, 2011

When the Secular world removes the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ; because they do not want to see it or that it offends them or it shouldn’t be placed in public areas; they are trying to rid the world of it’s Christian foundation; trying to rid the world from it’s Creator.  Still, they remove His image or words IHS for His name or Jesus Christ from universities; they cannot remove God Himself; because He is still there even if there is no image of Him. 

They want love and peace but no God in the world; but they do not understand or realize is this: those words “love” and “peace” are words for God; because He is Love, He is Peace and He is Truth; when they say that we are worshiping something that isn’t real or true or call it nothingness; they only see nothingness because they look at things they can see and what science and math can figure out; but when a number that goes on for ever; that is God; because God never ends or never had a beginning; because He has always been and always be for ever.

Their idea of love; is sex and lust; using the human person as an animal or object; getting or using the person for your own pleasure and then tossing them away as garbage; that is not love.  I ask you, what is love?

It is not emotions, it is not feelings or chemistry between the people; look at the Cross and remember the words Our Lord spoke to the disciples and to us: “there is no greater love than this; but to lay your own life down for your friends.”  That is love and we are to love just like this.  This love cannot be manifested by our own doings but by the grace and gift from God; because this love only comes from God and the Greeks had a name for it and the name is Agape; Divine Love. 

Their peace comes from themselves; but peace cannot come just from the human person; but it needs the help and grace of God to make peace last for all eternity.  The peace they talk about; will not last but end up in violence and hatred once again as usual from the years past down from history has told us. 

Why do they call our beliefs in God supersition and nothingness? 

What do they see when they see despair in the faces of human culture or when they see death?  They call it nothingness; because their own ideology taught them nothing exsist in the after-life; so when they die or get sick; they have no hope and they lose hope.  They live their life for their own needs, passions and pleasures; which makes them sink into a un-secureness of false happiness.  What they call happiness; is truly torture; because with them being taught nothing exsists when they die; they have no where to turn or run to.  That is why they are so filled with hate and misery; because they have nothing to hope in.  When they see us rejoice in times of terror and misery; it drives them mad and makes them filled with anger; because they see in us that we see something they do not see and it makes them be filled with envy because they do not see or believe in what we believe in. 

But they and even us; must remember God is always with us; even if we do not see His image; either on the cross or in a photograph.  They should not be filled with that hate when they see us rejoice in the same thing they are going through but come and ask us with true humility and we must answer in the same humility why we rejoice in suffering.  We are called to show them the way to Jesus Christ and be that light and salt of the earth; to give them hope in God. 

Why must we bring them to God when they are so evil to us?

Because they are children of God and the lost sheep of His flock.  We must not bend on what we believe but reach out our hand to them and talk to them on why they became a non-believer.  Show them what true love and peace and hope and truth is; which is God. 

On The Cross:

 In our moments of suffering and in their own moments of suffering; we are all carrying the Cross.  The cross is the sufferings and trials of every day life; sometimes our crosses are not as heavy as their crosses but sometimes they are the same weight.  They ask why is all this suffering happening to me and my family; they need to understand one thing most of all; about the cross we are given; even if we profess to be a non-believer. 

Some days we all ask why this cross was given to us on a certain day and nothing has gone right so far.  We cannot explain it but we must accept it; because God gave us this cross today for some reason that He only knows and it will help us grow closer to Him; even through all the difficulties that come with it. 

Some days it is hard to pray and you don’t feel like praying or it seems like you can’t pray for some reason; but then you find yourself talking to a saint, to Jesus or to Our Blessed Mother; which talking to them is praying and asking them to help us. 

With the cross comes with the crown of thorns and all the other sufferings of Christ.  But God doesn’t give us a cross we cannot handle; but sometimes it seems like He does give us a really heavy one some days; but just ask for help and He will give you help.

How shall we tie everything here together so it comes together?

The secular people who have chosen not to believe in anything un-seen and we who do believe and have been given this gift from God; the secular people must come to know they are not alone and not forgotten or despictable creatures; but that they are loved by God and are His children for ever and ever and that He wants them to be happy with Him and not be happy how the world wants them to be happy.  True happiness comes from God alone and is found on the Cross of His Son; Jesus Christ.


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  1. August 25, 2011 1:17 am

    Truly awesome writing..I am going to print this out and show it to my oldest daughter..Teens today think that love is some feeling or lusting after someone..True love is Jesus, and your spouse when you get married in the Church..

    You have a true gift for writing..You should write a book..I really enjoyed this ..Thank you..

    • August 25, 2011 1:51 am

      Whoever made those John Paul II movies EWTN shows; they need to do one on his growing up. I would call this his intercession working to inspire me to write like him on certain topics when I see those movies.

      On the book idea; I wouldn’t even have an idea on what to write about. share this on facebook and ask the question: what topic should he write about for a book?

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