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On the Evil and The People Who commits it

August 21, 2011

Have you noticed that this evil was once called Nazism and then took on the name of what Stalin and the leaders after him in Russia did to their own people in their own prison camps and down to the present age.  Same evil under a new name; because we did not listen to Our Blessed Mother to pray the Rosary faithfully and devoutly as St. Louis de Montfort taught.

Without the love Christ shown for us by laying down his life freely for us on the cross; the world will be the same and the same evil will go away and then come back under a new name. 

 In Nazi Germany they used abortion to rid their so-called perfect race of imperfect people; those who didn’t believe like them or look like them; blonde hair and blue eyed children.  They used ungenics; which the founder of Planned Parenthood started over in America and shared with the Nazi war machine.  They; the Nazis used the Euthanasia or sucide “so called mercy killing” if the person could not help the New German nation the Nazis where planning for.

In Washington state this is legal and I think in a few other states as well.  We all know about abortion and the wonderful job all pro-lifers who can go to abortion mills and pray are doing and those who are not near one who pray and send petitions that Priest for Life send and ask to fill out. 

Then in the fight on breast cancer; the Komen foundation gives money to Planned Parenthood; who cause breast cancer with all the drugs in the contraception and the abortions.  Take a look at this link:

So what is the Church’s teaching on supporting Abortion or Abortion providers:

From the Catechims of the Catholic Church:


2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.

From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.71

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.72
My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately wrought in the depths of the earth.73

2271 Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion.
This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.
Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law:

You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.74
God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves.
Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.75

2272 Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense.
The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.
“A person who procures a completed abortion incurs excommunication latae sententiae,”76 “by the very commission of the offense,”77 and subject to the conditions provided by Canon Law.78
The Church does not thereby intend to restrict the scope of mercy.
Rather, she makes clear the gravity of the crime committed, the irreparable harm done to the innocent who is put to death, as well as to the parents and the whole of society.

2273 The inalienable right to life of every innocent human individual is a constitutive element of a civil society and its legislation:

“The inalienable rights of the person must be recognized and respected by civil society and the political authority.
These human rights depend neither on single individuals nor on parents; nor do they represent a concession made by society and the state; they belong to human nature and are inherent in the person by virtue of the creative act from which the person took his origin.
Among such fundamental rights one should mention in this regard every human being’s right to life and physical integrity from the moment of conception until death.”79


“The moment a positive law deprives a category of human beings of the protection which civil legislation ought to accord them, the state is denying the equality of all before the law.
When the state does not place its power at the service of the rights of each citizen, and in particular of the more vulnerable, the very foundations of a state based on law are undermined….
As a consequence of the respect and protection which must be ensured for the unborn child from the moment of conception, the law must provide appropriate penal sanctions for every deliberate violation of the child’s rights.”80

2274 Since it must be treated from conception as a person, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed, as far as possible, like any other human being.

Prenatal diagnosis is morally licit, “if it respects the life and integrity of the embryo and the human fetus and is directed toward its safe guarding or healing as an individual….
It is gravely opposed to the moral law when this is done with the thought of possibly inducing an abortion, depending upon the results: a diagnosis must not be the equivalent of a death sentence.”81

2275 “One must hold as licit procedures carried out on the human embryo which respect the life and integrity of the embryo and do not involve disproportionate risks for it, but are directed toward its healing the improvement of its condition of health, or its individual survival.”82
“It is immoral to produce human embryos intended for exploitation as disposable biological material.”83
“Certain attempts to influence chromosomic or genetic inheritance are not therapeutic but are aimed at producing human beings selected according to sex or other predetermined qualities.
Such manipulations are contrary to the personal dignity of the human being and his integrity and identity”84 which are unique and unrepeatable.”

Are these people even human or created in God’s image?  Yes they are.  Why do they act like monsters?

Because they were taught to and taught to see new life as nothing and that we come from nothing and when we die; we just die and that is it.  They see emptyness or nothingness; we must see the good in everything; the hope and truth which is God.  If we lose hope; then they have won and we have lost; they want to take hope from us.  They want a Godless country and very secular one too; we must never give up hope and trust and faith in God and pray to Our Blessed Mother and trust in her motherly care; because she will take care of us through her Son; Jesus. 

We must pray daily for everyone; including these people who do these horrible actions to human beings.  Why you may ask angrily?  Because even though they do these horrible things; they are still Children of the Most High God who loves them and forgives them; but still they must have a change of heart to ask for it; either by Baptism or Confession.  Do as Mother Angelica said to do, “be a thorn in their side.”

Never return their curses with a curse but with a blessing, pray for them and forgive them if they hurt you some how; which is hard to practice but we must imitate the Master; Our Lord Jesus Christ in our life. 


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  1. August 23, 2011 2:40 pm

    Very well written article..I enjoyed it very much..I wish more people/priests would write like this..

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