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The Proper Drama or Play

August 10, 2011

I am sure we have seen our fair share of movies and dramas on the screen and stage; I bet some of them have been down right awful.  A proper movie and drama must have the proper language and proper story behind it all to make it all come together.  Those who put bad lanuage; curse words into a movie or play are doing it an un-justice.

So, what is the proper play or drama?  How about the story of life itself.  It has a beginning, a original story plot, a climax and a ending; everything it should have. 

Let us look at the book of Job 38:1-5 

 “Then the LORD*answered Job out of the storm and said:

Who is this who darkens counsel

with words of ignorance?

Gird up your loins* now, like a man;

I will question you, and you tell me the answers!a

Where were you when I founded the earth?

Tell me, if you have understanding.

Who determined its size? Surely you know?

Who stretched out the measuring line for it?”

The story of life makes a perfect drama; because God asks us the same questions He asked Job?  Because we have people who do not believe God created the earth and the heavens and everything in it.  Just read the entire book of Job to find your answer; through the answers God gave Job.  God who became Man to redeem Man; because Man has sinned against God.  The God-Man Jesus; He was at the beginning; He was before time ever was.

What is the climax or center part of the story of life?  I say the Passion, death and the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead.  The majestic ending will be the Last Judgment. 

Truly this is the perfect drama as Fr. George Rutler talked about last night on EWTN.

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