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People In Today’s World And The Lie

August 10, 2011

I watched Fr. George Rutler’s epsiode of Grace and Truth last night and two things caught me that I wanted to write about and I hope I can write about it.

My dear Christians,

In the days of the gods of Roman Empire and of the Greek Empire; this one Roman knew he was lied to growing up; being told how great those two sets of gods are; but found them so empty and their temples just a empty building.  All the stories he heard about the gods; where just that; stories and myths and legends.  So he looked up into the heavens and the stars wanting to know truth.

When Jesus was on trial and the people the high priests called in to give witness against Jesus; the stories of the witnesses were also lies and the stories were never the same between each so-called witness.  They gave witness saying Jesus meant the huge temple in Jerusalem that he would destroy and then put back together in three days; but Jesus was talking about himself; He would die and in three days be brought back to life.

Now, the good thief did not know what the charges where against Jesus; but he told them the truth on the cross: ‘he; meaning Jesus;  “has done nothing wrong and does not deserve this punishment.’  The good thief knew Jesus was a king and had a kingdom and so he asked Jesus to remember him when he enters the kingdom and from telling the truth and Jesus found truth in that man; Jesus told him that he would be with him in paradise.

The gods of the modern culture and yet they do nothing for the people who worship them but the lie the modern culture tells the people who follow them: “the true God is not real either.”  What does that do to some of the Catholics in America?

I do suppose and think they bought that old lie of the ancient enemy of Man and of God; telling us that God does not exsist so the devil can go around freely tempting and corrupting people; because they have no fear of the devil and is told the devil isn’t real; because the devil told them the same lie as in the beginning of time. 

When those “catholics” walk through the doors of their parish church; they are dressed immodestly, being very loud and rude and un-reverent, they do not go to Confession before Mass or genuflect before the get in their pew, they show no reverence or sign of Jesus being truly present in the tabernacle.  They usually support things contrary to Church Teaching and worry what people think of them or how they look to certain people. 

They put more effort to their outward appearance than on what color and odor their soul has.  This my friends is very dangerous not to believe the devil is real and to believe the lie that the One True God is a fake.  Then we wonder why people leave the Church or the Christian faith in general and run off to any of the Occult Practice or start to become a non-believer.

Then we wonder why we have such corruption in certain areas of the Church; some places have bad catechism classes and teachers, some priests and bishops who go against Church Teaching and Law on their own agenda; rather than saving souls.  We allow Protestant music to be used at the Holy Mass; the Representation of Calvary; The Passion of Christ on our altar.  We allow a priest and nun team to teach New Age Occult in the diocese and we do nothing about it and the same I bet is every where. 

Where are we heading my dear friends in Christ Jesus; are we heading towards Him on the narrow path or are we on the wide path to eternal damnation?  You decide.


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