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Wrinkles, Gray hair; Are All Gifts From God

August 9, 2011

May God keep us from vanity and be as He made us and respect what He gave us and not think He made a mistake; because God doesn’t make mistakes; we do.  Amen

My dear Christians,

are we so vain that we worry how our skin looks that we go and do major or minor work at the make-up store or say that we need a tune up?  I can understand if you are burn victim or you’ve been in a serious accident or serious illness; that your medical doctor is going to make you look like you did before the illness, accident or burn. 

There are better ways to spend time with your kids; than going for a un-needed so-called tune up.  All we see and hear about today on tv is these products that make you look younger or the so-called fountain of life make-up. 

In the Imitation of Christ Fr. Thomas A Kempis says: “everything is a vanity except loving God.”  If you are having a mother-daughter outing; there are better places to go.  A little makeup is fine; but when you start looking like guy with white face paint that stays silent or looking like a clown with so much make-up on; then you need to cut it back.

Mother Angelica on EWTN once said, “wrinkles and gray hair are a gift from God.”  All the injuries and illnesses He permits should be accepted like a gift from Him and thank Him for allowing you to suffer; but Mother Angelica said, “I’m in favor of pain medicine; take it when you can no longer bear the pain.”

What is with people today, they want to look like they have no flaws with these chemicals they inject on the body or rub on the face or make guys take.  Only way to become perfect is to be like the saints and then be perfect in Heaven.  That is the only way and it is not the wide road we must take but the narrow and ugly road that is full of pot-holes, thorns, rocks, everything.  The road to Hell is deceiving, it is wide, beautiful road with roses on each side and then you start to fall down the slope of the hill till you reach the gate and it has become ugly.  At the end of the narrow road; it becomes beautiful.

If God gives us the gift of becoming bald; accept it and do not cover it up; if you lose your hair because kemo therapy; it will grow back.  If God gives you wrinkles, accept them, if God gives you gray hair, accept it and do not change it.  God gave you a natural hair color; do not change it because it doesn’t go with the fashion of today but accept it; because God gave it to you.  If God gave you a small man’s part; accept it and do not use it until you are married to pro-create children with your spouse and spouses accept what God gave the man in any size; do not become so vain to tell him to change it.  Ladies, for you in this culture; do not change the size of your chest to go with the culture; accept the size God made them.

Be happy with what God gave you and thank Him for all the gifts.

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