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People Get Divorced For The Strangest Reasons

August 8, 2011

A good question and topic for today: why did you get divorced?  I bet one of the answers would be: “he or she looked at me weird and we decided to get divorced.”  Or “I can’t stand his dirty clothes laying around.”  “He or she gets on my nerves and I could stand him or her any more.”  “We found ourselves un-likeable and so we got divorced.”  “Her cooking is awful.”  “His cooking is even worse.” 

“I can’t stand it when he buys the wrong groceries and so I had enough and divorced him or she did that or he did this.”   “I’m getting this job that is a few hours away and won’t be able to travel home every so often and so let us divorce.”

These are no reasons to get a divorce, even if you get a divorce; you are still married because marriage is nothing a government or law can give but it is a Sacrament given by Christ at the wedding feast of Cana where He blessed the marriage and did His first sign or miracle.

Only true reason to leave is because you are in a dangerous situation and your life or your children’s lives are at stake.  If the spouse cheats; become a true spouse of Christ and teach him or her the faith, pray for them, get them back into God’s mercy and love through the Sacrament of Confession; never give up on them or let them keep living a life of sin and do not let them go to place of misery, dread, wailing and grinding of teeth. 

If you are going to remain divorced; you must prepare for the annulment in the Church and it takes a long time to go through this; now it is harder than ever; because the Pope wants to decrease the number of divorces in the Church. 

You are still bound by marriage; even if you have that piece of paper saying bill of divorce; that paper means nothing in the eyes of the Church.  You made a promise to God to be faithful to one another through good times, bad times, in sickness and in good health, poor and when money was coming in.  till death do you part. 

You have a responsiblity of remaining faithful at all times to your wife and husband and live the Christian life to the only possible way and that is to Perfection; complete union with God and you teach your children to live that way through words and actions.  You protect their senses, their virginity and purity at all times. Be open to the gift of Life from God; accept as many children He blesses you with; they are truly a gift that one day you will have to give an account for.

This is what a married couple is called to do and even all the Christian people and this is to be taught in the courses on marriage at the parish.

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