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Why Do I Want To Be In The Ministry of Exorcist?

August 6, 2011

I am not even in the seminary yet but I am waiting, studying and praying at home.

It started a few years ago in August on a Friday; because the World Over Live was on a Friday then but moved to Thursday.  Raymond has a American Exorcist on his show talking about this priest’s new book on Exorcism and the Spiritual Warfare side of it all.  He told the calling of Pope Benedict XVI that the Pope wants more priests to become exorcists to be ready for this dangerous culture we are living in.

I already by that time I told my bishop I wanted to be a priest and he told me “wonderful, start to get a good prayer life and study the faith more.”  Which I was and still doing.  When I heard that call from the Pope, I started to pray for a week and when God says yes to you; you just know it and I knew it.  So I started to study about it from a Catholic site that studies demonology; the study of demons; which I find out will be one of the courses in Rome from reading the book The Rite and studying it cover to cover.  Then one night I was trying to figure out why my cousin; who is female; was so angry and always mad about something.  I learned from that site about the “Pill” my Protestant aunt put her on and it was too powerful for her to control the side affects but also the site said it could be demonic or both. 

My room was well lighted so I could see to read and all of a sudden came a black shadow figure in the south east corner of my bed room and was about 5 foot 4 inches or so tall; it was there long enough I could of taken a picture with my cell phone at the time but it wasn’t charged.  This thing bowed to me and then left.  I ran into my mom and dad’s room telling her; my dad doesn’t believe in the unseen stuff about our faith too much but my mom never doubted me and believed me.  When I was about seven or eight years old in grade school; my old bunk bed was in my room on the far west wall and I could see right down the hall way into the spare bed room; the door was open and it was late at night; I saw these red eyes and then as a normal little kid I covered my head with my blankets and waited till it was gone.

One of the reasons why I want to be in the ministry of Exorcist; is the same reason why many also became exorcists; because of their personal experiences they’ve had and plus to find answers to them.

The most important reason to me is to help the people who are in the crisi moment; who have stopped praying and going to the Sacraments, who have searched for other ways to find comfort and guidance; by doing the Occult that is widely available  now on the internet and made cheap to have people to take part in it.  Yes, this means doing the exorcisms but also being there for the people and just listening to them when other priests shove them out and call them crazy.  Help them to pray the way Jesus taught us to pray and to help them return to the Sacraments and help them to return to living their faith. 

It is like you are becoming a parish priest when you become an exorcist but a parish priest for those who are in a spiritual fight and can’t fight it by theirself and need help.  You are a pastor to these people. 

The media and the movies that portray the priest as a exorcist as just those who do exorcisms and nothing else; but a true exorcist is really a parish priest caring for their souls and if the medical advisers who the priest knows and trusts tells him this person is free from mental illness and truly nothing natural causing it; then the priest tells the bishop and gives him the info and file on the person and waits for the bishop to say yes.  Then part of the treatment of the person begins by getting rid of the demons.

It is also good for the priest to enter into this ministry work; because it will strengthen his faith more than doing anything else; two exorcists in Rome I truly like say this in the book The Rite.  We all need stronger faith to defend against the attacks of the devil and the demons.

Pray your rosary; because it is a true weapon against satan and his demons; because they cannot stand Our Blessed Mother.  Learn the Scriptures well also.

This is why.

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  1. August 6, 2011 2:06 am

    Thank you for sharing this and your experiences..I will keep you in my prayers..

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