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On Revelation 2:10

August 6, 2011

“Do not be afraid of anything that you are going to suffer. Indeed, the devil will throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

What can I say about this passage my dear Christians?

I cannot remember how many postings I have read from fellow Christians on the political situation here in America or hearing from my own house and yes I too also worry.  I am truly thankful for finding this passage I’ve read over many times but never seen it. 

Another message from Jesus to John the Apostle to the seven churches; plus all who read it now.  In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus tells us not to worry about the food, drink or clothing and once again He is saying, “Be Not Afraid.”

I do agree with one of the books I was reading, it said we have lost the courage of a Christian.

It came from Pope Benedict XVI’s book Introduction To Christianity.  We have lost the courage of the early Christians and Christians today who are being killed for the faith.  I would like to ask a question about our culture and society?

Do we look, sound or act any different from those whom Christ told us to go and teach to?  The clothes that hardly cover anything or are too tight that reveal everything?  Gambling/lots; being drunkards, cursing about almost everything, turning children into hookers by telling them this is how you dress, act, talk like to get a man or woman, having one night stands or co-habitation, not following the Ten Commandments.  I too, have to slap myself back into the way we are to live and act.

Only thing that has changed over the thousands of years is the speed of a message being received or the speed of more temptations being shoved into our faces.  We still have the Gnostics, Pagans, Occult members, so-called “christians” who put eastern influences into their ideology.  Some of that has entered into the One True Church and leading the people away from Christ and His Church. 

We are told to hold out and not be afraid to suffer anything including death for Jesus and His Church and we will be awarded the crown of martyrdom. 

How can we remain faithful when all the sin, temptation and corruption is entering into our homes by TV and internet/email and plus by priests who have been corrupted by faulty teaching of the false gospel St. Paul warned us about and if there ever were an Angel from Heaven come down and preach another Jesus another gospel; we should flee.

A life of a Christian should not match the one of a pagan, a gnostic, or pseudo-christian.  A Christian should try to imitate the Life of Christ in the calling God has called them to.  God does not call us to anything sinful; we decide to do something sinful instead.  Should be where the Christian practices the virtues, beatitudes and humility; true humility of Christ.  If we are to be boastful; boast in Jesus as St. Paul said. 

I know some of you like Rock and roll music and rap; do not treat it like a false god, do not adore the singer; adoration is for God alone!  I would stay away from most of it and some country music songs as well that only talk about sexual relations. 

On dances, I would not allow your kids to go; unless they are properly dressed and know how to properly dance; none of that dry humping on each other.  Obey your mother and father. 

No sex before marriage or with anyone else; except your spouse and when you are making children.  No living together until you are married in the church; not outside or any where if two Catholics are marrying.  If one Catholic and another religion; go to your bishop and get proper permission!  Get your new born babies baptized as soon as possible or if your kids have never baptized; get them baptized by the priest soon.  Go to Confession freqently; weekly is best, pray the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, read Holy Scriptures; pray as families!

Never stop learning the faith from the Church Fathers, the saints, Doctors of the Church and Holy Scripture and be faithful to the Pope and the bishops in full communion with him.  Receive Holy Communion properly and priests and bishops; celebrate the Mass properly and say the correct words that are in the Roman Missal and stop making up your own words!

After you are confirmed in the faith; keep going to your studies on your faith; you are not done yet until 15 minutes after you are in the grave!

Keep firm in the faith and do not be afraid of what may come; no greater reward than dying for the faith; if we are called to do this by God.  Never deny the faith and never denounce it either.


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