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More On Revelation 2:10

August 6, 2011

“Do not be afraid of anything that you are going to suffer. Indeed, the devil will throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

Yes my dear friends in Christ,

the devil does not like man, God or the Blessed Mother.  He wants them destroyed; because of what God; by becoming Man and redeeming us and also having a virgin woman be His mother.  The devil is on the prowl like St. Peter said and waiting to pounce on those who are weak in faith. 

We will be tested in many ways, even by our own doings.  The devil will use other people to tempt us and try to get us over to his side through the same temptations he used on Eve and then we say yes to him.  Then we can be of two types of people: the one who rushes to Confession to get cleaned up or the other who is told, “this wasn’t no sin, you don’t have any need for Confession anymore.”  The one person wants God’s Mercy and rejoices in it.  While the other person cannot bother to look at the Crucifix or the Most Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle or exposed.

The person who cannot look at the Blessed Sacrament, feels nervous when a priest walks by or when he stops to talk for a bit.  But in their own mind which has become corrupted by sin and lies of the father of lies; they still go receive Holy Communion and each time not even worrying about the sin they are committing.

What does it mean to remain faithful to Christ?  Means we follow the rules and commands He gave His Church. 

We can receive Holy Communion with venial sin on our soul; because receiving Holy Communion wipes away venial sin.  Living in cohabitation is a mortal sin, sexual relationship when you are not married is mortal sin.  Divorced by dating and marrying another, mortal sin.  Divorce and remaining single and chaste’ no sin at all.  Remaining single, virgin, chaste, no sexual relations of you or by another person; no sin. 

Sexual relations only between spouses to pro-create or make children; is not sinful but to do it because of lustful desires; then sinful.  The married couple cheating on each other, is MORTAL SIN.

To go to a movie where couples are cheating on each other or one is cheating on each other; is a mortal sin.  Going to any movie where it shows pre-marriage sexual relations, cohabitation and anything else should be a mortal sin!

Going to such music shows where the singer has barely anything on and she is or he is speaking lies about Christ and they support abortion and by you paying money to see it; that should be a mortal sin.  Could almost be a auto-matic excommunication if you know those singers support abortion too.  Going to see Occult movies or take part in the Occult and New Age occult is mortal sin and breaking the first and then all ten Commandments.  Watching dirty or bad movies is sinful too.

My dear Christians,

we are to remain faithful to Jesus Christ even to the point of death; where we die for the faith.   We are to avoid whatever leads us to sin; we cannot escape temptation but we can ask God to use it to help strengthen us to say no to sin and say yes to Him.  If we remain like the pagans and are influenced by the paganism we see and hear; are we still able to call ourselves Christians; Followers of the Crucified One?

We must not be paranoid but remain faithful and watchful; so we may not enter into sin and pray the temptation passes us by.  We must do what Jesus asked the Apostles whom He took with Him to the garden on the night of His Agony.  We must not fall asleep but keep watch. 

Keep watch, because you never know when the devil will pounce on us.

God bless

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